“Most email programs automatically add calendar invites emailed to you into your calendar, whether you accept or not; Outlook adds them even if you delete the emailed invitation. This presents a dangerous phishing risk.”

Calendar with Skull and Crossbones
Calendar with Skull and Crossbones
Dangerous Calendar Phishing Attack

A Dangerous New Phishing Attack

Email is an essential part of daily life for most of us, no matter our industry or profession. Still, like the rest of the Internet, it comes with inherent risks we should all be aware of.

Phishing, or hacking by email, is where clicking a link or downloading an attachment in an email can allow a hacker to take control of…

Kaushal Kothari

Mr. Kothari, a certified ethical hacker and former FDIC IT Examination Analyst, is President of Secure Guard Consulting, a cybersecurity and IT audit company.

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